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2 cbm mobile sprinkler

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Multifunctional sanitation truck, semi-closed/full-closed 2m2
The price of whole truck is low, about 1/5 of automobile. With suitable size, strong power and large ground clearance, it is suitable for the rural road conditions. It features low use cost, low fuel consumption, basically no maintenance cost, high automation, and simple operation. With the simple working system, the multifunctional sanitation truck does not need complex repair and maintenance, therefore, the use value is dramatically increased. Furthermore, with the help of the related national supportive policy in a long term, it is unnecessary to pay purchase tax, and undoubtedly the purchase cost is significantly reduced. Due to small size and flexible use, it can be widely used in small factories, rural areas, large, medium and small environmental sanitation departments and residential estates to clean some dead corners. With the arrival of summer, there are more rainy days, and the multifunctional sanitation truck plays its role greatly, and is very popular among consumers; therefore, it has more increasing commercial value and much wider market prospects.
I. Function introduction:
1. Main application: for landscaping, nursery sprinkling, watering of trees and flowers, watering and flushing of all roads, maintenance and emergent fire fighting.
2. Main functions: back sprinkling, lateral sprinkling, fire fighting, self suction, high-jet water gun.
3. Working principle: The pump adopts an external-mix self-priming structure, in which there should be suitable amount of liquid left. After pump is turned on, impeller rotates, and negative pressure forms at the inlet of impeller, gas in the suction line mixes with liquid in the pump, and enters gas-liquid separation chamber through delivery chamber. Because of difference in specific gravities of gas and liquid, gas is separated from liquid, and is discharged from the outlet pipe, and liquid sinks in the gas-liquid separation chamber and circulates many times until the suction line empties gas completely and is filled with liquid, the self-priming process is over, and the pump starts to convey liquid normally.
II. Main technical parameters and performance configuration:

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