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LYJBC4000 4 cbm concrete mixer truck

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LYJBC4000 4 cbm concrete mixer truck main technical parameters


Product name

4 square concrete mixing truck

Engine model


Chassis model


Engine model

Forced circulation cooling

Total mass


Engine displacement


Overall dimensions

6460*2250*3300 V*B*H(mm)

Engine power


Wheel base


Maximum standard rate of rotation


Front axle


Geometric volume of mixing tank


Rear overhang


Maximum mixing volume


Maximum gradeability


Loading speed


Maximum speed


Discharging speed


Minimum turning radius


Maximum rotating speed



Dry quad-plate constant engaged clutch

Dip angle of mixing tank


Drive mode

Shaft drive

Maximum diameter of mixing tank


Drive mode

Rear wheel drive



Rotation type

Hydraulic power assisted 

Hydraulic pump

Right-rotated spline 40 gear pump

Service braking

Air brake

Hydraulic motor

Gerotor motor

Parking braking

Air braking

Water tank volume




Water supply mode

By pressure


Match with famous power system: Yuchai 4108 full-power engine equipped, fuel economy, strong power and convenient maintenance; gear box of famous brand in reasonable structure of shifts can reduce the actual fuel consumption on the premise of improving the overall gradeability;
Select domestically famous parts: domestic Keyi reducer in Shijiazhuang, Shengjie oil pump in Ruian, Dali motor in Zhenjiang;
Effective solution to the overflowing problem in climbing: The maximum design of loading hopper is conducive to loading of concrete, and the unique airtight design of loading hopper solves the overflowing problem in climbing.
Professional design of agitation tank: large volume design of agitation tank provides larger loading space and agitating space, the elongated tank body can effectively reduce center of gravity, has small centrifugal force and excellent side stability.
Good wear resistance of parts: discharge chutes at rear end part are covered with strongly wear-resisting materials, so the wear resistance and service life are greatly improved. The agitation tank and vanes are in automatic argon welding technology, the service life of wear-resisting type agitation tank and vanes is prolonged by over one time.
Convenient flushing and water supply: Design of four water pipelines enable to flush, supply water and clean the orifice and hopper more conveniently.
Easy operation: Control mechanisms are arranged at two sides of cab, which makes loading and discharging more convenient, especially suitable for use in rainy days or on muddy roads.
Reasonable design of loading and discharging system: The streamline design of loading and discharging system ensures smooth loading and discharging, without leakage. Reinforced plates are arranged at key parts to enhance wear resistance, and a locking mechanism provided can fix the discharging chutes at suitable positions.



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